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by Allen Barton

October 20th - November 12th

Directed by

Allen Barton


Peter O’Connor, Cameron Meyer, Terri Parks, Hope Brown, Derrick Vandermillen, Whitney Nielsen, Sara Ball, Kirk Fogg
Evan Ewing, Peter Zizzo

Understudies: Freya Adams, Nancy Paley, Sam Sebai, Nicole Varona

Allen Barton’s provocative and relevant new play OUTRAGE takes on the topics of conformity and cancellation in 2020s Los Angeles. Ethan is an acting and writing teacher who runs a prestigious school. He confronts increasing tensions in his life, as friends and students seem eager to lash out in anger and recrimination over the election of a controversial President, all while Los Angeles anxiously awaits the verdict in an incendiary criminal trial involving a racially charged police shooting. The midnight beeping of a defective smoke alarm is the harbinger of all that is about to sweep life as Ethan knew it away. As the city takes in the verdict, Ethan’s world is quite suddenly changed forever. Forced to look at life from the other side of cancellation, Ethan attempts to reconcile relationships while determining where his creative life went, and how it might re-emerge.

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